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Don’t let a lack of credentials hold you back. At F&A hiring services and training ltd in partnership with Skill Development council Canada we understand that not everyone has the opportunity to earn formal certifications. That’s why we offer globally recognised certificates for your hard-earned vocational and technical skills through skill development council Canada 


F&A Hiring Services And Training limited is a registered company by the Nigeria corporate affairs commission (CAC) 7469777,and accredited by skill development council Canada as an approved learning partner in Nigeria for certification.

As a certified partner with Skill Development Council Canada (SDCC),Our training institute is proud to offer Dual Certification Advantage

Direct certificate from Skill Development Council Canada. SDCC certification is valued globally, opening doors to new career opportunities,visa sponsorship jobs,foreign contracts and more.

A certificate from F&A hiring services and training Ltd recognized in Nigeria and accredited by skill development council Canada.

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We offer a wide range of vocational and technical certification services. in today’s competitive job market, having proof of your skills can make all the difference. Don’t let your experience go unrecognized



Our vocational skill certification program is designed to provide individuals with a way to verify their skills and expertise in their field of work…READ MORE 


Our technical skill certification program is designed to validate an individual’s knowledge and skills ability in their chosen field. READ MORE 

Requirements To Get Certified

Trainees should have completed all required training modules, including any hands-on practical sessions.

 If a trainee is currently employed in a related industry, they can provide a letter or statement from their employer verifying their skills and experience.

Trainees may be assessed on their practical skills, such as by performing a task under the supervision of a trainer or instructor.

Trainees should be able to demonstrate their proficiency in operating the equipment or performing the skill they have been trained on.

Trainees may need to pass a written exam that tests their knowledge of the material covered in the skill.

Trainees should have a thorough understanding of the safety procedures and regulations associated with their skill set.

Regardless of your vocational and technical skill specialisation, before we can issue you a verifiable certificate, Our specialise trainers/instructors will put you into hands-on practicals assessment of the skill you have been trained on,when they recommend satisfactorily performance then we will issue you an internationally recognised, online Verifiable certificate with a uniquely generated certificate number. With the certificate number, employers online can easily visit f&a hiring services and training website, and send us a mail for your proficiency verification. We go as far by providing video proofs as well as graphic evidence hands-on practicals assessment
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